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Working time calcualator sheet for Excel/OpenOffice

Especially if you are a freelancer who has to calculate the working time for the invoice, or an employee with flexible times, you might want to have a simple spreadsheet where you can just type in

datetopicsBegin (HH:MM)End (HH:MM)(minus) break (HH:MM)Total working time of the day (decimal)

It turned out that this wasn't as easy and straightforward as I thought. In fact it was hard to find such a spreadsheet; just some formulars spread over the web.

So, I made one myself some years ago. The sheet is made with OpenOffice for Mac and converted for Excel. You might include a simple multiplication of the total time with your hourly wage. You are welcome to suggest enhancements or report errors, of course.

Downlad the Working Time Calculation Sheet
⇒ for openOffice as ods ⇒ for Word as .xls

Side note: Use at your own risk, of course. No guarantees whatsoever. Functionality of the Excel sheet cannot be guaranteed.

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