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Frostgrave for Lego

06 Uhus Spielekiste Frostgrave for LegoAfter playing Frostgrave adapted to Lego® went so well even with small kids (the co-operative way), I decided to write down our co-operative rule adjustments.
Feel free to download and try them (PDF)

I was fascinated by the simplicity and straightforwardness of the Frostgrave rules. The flexibility concerning the terrain that until then has been known by much more complex systems also fitted perfectly. Being able to craft your own terrain adds a creative aspect that is the icing on the cake.
Naturally, my small sons have been quite interested in what is going on. Yet playing with painted miniatures and delicate terrain would be a bit ... read more ⇒ Continue reading "Frostgrave for Lego"

Password protected entries

No entries in the timeline here should need a password to access them individually. If so, please report, for example through my twitter account. Thanks!

And a side note about copyright infringement: This is a private and non-commercial weblog. I seldom do present my books here, but that's it; no advertisements which I get money from, no webshop. I will not deliberately link to sites with copyright infringements.
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Working time calcualator sheet for Excel/OpenOffice

Especially if you are a freelancer who has to calculate the working time for the invoice, or an employee with flexible times, you might want to have a simple spreadsheet where you can just type in

datetopicsBegin (HH:MM)End (HH:MM)(minus) break (HH:MM)Total working time of the day (decimal)

It turned out that this wasn't as easy and straightforward as I thought. In fact it was hard to find such a spreadsheet; just some formulars spread over the web.

So, I made one myself some years ago. The sheet is made with OpenOffice for Mac and converted for Excel. You might include a simple multiplication of the total time with your hourly wage. You are welcome to suggest enhancements or report errors, of course.

Downlad the Working Time Calculation Sheet
⇒ for openOffice as ods ⇒ for Word as .xls

Side note: Use at your own risk, of course. No guarantees whatsoever. Functionality of the Excel sheet cannot be guaranteed.