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Frostgrave for Lego

06 Uhus Spielekiste Frostgrave for LegoAfter playing Frostgrave adapted to Lego® went so well even with small kids (the co-operative way), I decided to write down our co-operative rule adjustments.
Feel free to download and try them (PDF)

I was fascinated by the simplicity and straightforwardness of the Frostgrave rules. The flexibility concerning the terrain that until then has been known by much more complex systems also fitted perfectly. Being able to craft your own terrain adds a creative aspect that is the icing on the cake.
Naturally, my small sons have been quite interested in what is going on. Yet playing with painted miniatures and delicate terrain would be a bit ... read more ⇒
well, let’s say challenging for the bits and pieces.
But look what the boys are playing with every day: Good old Lego. There I realized that this fits perfectly to the open-world mechanics that Frostgrave offers: Customizable terrain up to the single brick, warriors that can be equipped with all sorts of weapons and armor, exactly as needed by the team roster ... a perfect choice indeed.
I simplified the rules, and now, my children are really keen on playing this version whenever possible.
Personally, I do love this, since it not only is great fun for all of us, but trains the children’s creativity and, in our special settings, team play as well. How much better is this than the remote-controlled Smartphone addicts we meet so often on the street!
Since I am a professional writer, I couldn’t keep myself from writing this ruleset and make my thoughts available to a broader public.
I would like to encourage you to let yourself be inspired by these rule suggestions, make your own adjustments, and most of all, have fun with your children and your friends!
See you around, grab all the treasures!


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