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Uhus *finest-assorted* Weblog Droppings :: film


Films which I either was involved with as vd (manager) for the film company Jaktfalkarna AB, or which I did by myself on different topics. This is only a selection.

Jaktfalkarna AB

As screenwriter and director. If your browser blocks vimeo videos, please use these links instead: [Focused Sun] [Nora Glass]

About Jugger

A short film about Jugger in Swedish, and a Jugger movie analysis in English.

Event teasers

Teasers for the international Jugger tournament and festival Järnsvenskan in Sweden. One is done for Studiefrämjandet Lindesberg to be shown on ad screens in the whole town. Another is on the Judo training in a Swedish village (alt. link).

Tutorial videos for The Fuel Rats player group


Three Jugger Tutorials series

Detailed Uhus Jugger Tutorials, the short "Quickhoots" and the quickly done "Impressions" formats.

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